My makeup experience and experiment

31 Mar

I started wearing makeup when I was a senior in high school. Up until then, I never saw the need. In fact, I was strongly against it. As a high school junior I played a character in a play who wore a lot of makeup to cover up her insecurities. Even then I refused to wear anything heavy. For my junior prom my mom begged me to try something. So I bought sparkly nude eyeshadow and clear lip gloss. I don’t know why I hated makeup so much. I guess it was a combination of things. For one, there is this picture of me as a first grader wearing blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. It was not exactly flattering. Not to mention all the horrible bouts with lipstick and bright shadow during dance recitals when I was young. I never got the impression that makeup could make me look like anything more than a clown.

There was this girl in my high school class who caked on layers of foundation and eyeliner every morning. Except she was running late one day and decided to leave the house without any makeup on. The entire day the entire school gave her “Dear god, what happened to you?!” looks. She never went without makeup after that. I didn’t want to become one of those people that couldn’t leave the house without her “face” on.

Then came senior portrait day. I got my hair cut and colored the day before. My stylist just happened to be a Mary Kay consultant and convinced me to get a makeover. She sat me down and showed me the correct way to put on foundation, eyeliner, and shadow (that wasn’t electric blue). I only had on a tiny bit of foundation and concealer, some blue liner and brown shadow, but the difference was astounding. I remember going to the grocery stores afterward and feeling like a million bucks. I realized I didn’t need makeup to make myself feel like myself, but it sure made me feel better.

Once I crossed over to the other side, there was no going back. I started building my collection. The funny thing is, to this day I don’t wear the types of makeup that most women who don’t like makeup wear–foundation, lip color, and mascara. Foundation just seems like a drag to apply and it always makes you look too white in photographs. I got used to not wearing lip color since I played flute often and never got in the habit of putting anything on but lip balm. And mascara–well, that’s just a pain in the butt to take off.

So eyeshadow became my thing. I think it’s the painter in me. My current apartment doesn’t have room to set up my painting supplies, so I’ve take to using my eyes as a canvas. I used to stick with browns and greys and the occasional light turquoise when I was feeling adventurous. But now that I own two Coastal Scents 88 color palettes, the sky is the limit (or not, I’ve rocked a sky blue look recently.)

Some women don’t put on makeup on the days they aren’t planning to leave the house. Those days are my experimenting days. I’ve done many crazy looks that I wouldn’t necessarily wear in public. If I want to test it out I go downstairs to get the mail and see if anyone gives me any weird stares.

My latest experiment was a Tim Burton look by Youtube makeup guru Michelle Phan. At first it seemed too dark for everyday wear, but it passed the mailbox test, so I went to dinner in it. I’m still not entirely convinced it’s a good day look, but I’d consider trying it again for evening.

(My camera really sucks at capturing eyeshadow. The look was more black than purple-looking).

I’ve definitely become more adventurous with my colors. I even wore a rainbow look. Next time I decide to bust that one out I’ll try to get some photographic evidence–if my new camera will cooperate.

And for the record, I occasionally leave my apartment without my “eyes” on–but only to go to the gym.


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