A quick note on personified food

9 Apr

I was watching TV earlier today when a commercial for Perdue chicken came on. Have you seen this one? (Man, I sound like Jay Leno now.) A Perdue big shot is walking around his farm boasting how Perdue does more tests and inspections than the government requires and all their chicken are fed a strict diet. He then looks at a chicken and says something along the lines of “And no candy, Gladys!” As if this chicken (named Gladys) is sneaking in candy like the fat camp boys in Heavy Weights. The chicken then makes a sound like she’s dissapointed she’s been caught.

Every time I see this commercial it bothers me. It’s supposed to make me want to buy Perdue chicken because the chicken, like Gladys, are eating good food, not candy, but all I can think about is that I’m going to eat Gladys! Gladys and I would probably get along great with our mutual love of candy, and here I’m supposed to eat her. It just doesn’t make sense. Why is Perdue personifying the chicken we’re supposed to eat? I could understand if it were a Peta commercial (anyone remember their sea kitten campaign? They tried to rename fish “sea kittens” because kittens are far too cute to eat. I don’t think it worked too well.), but this is a commercial aimed at carnivores, people that don’t want to think that their burger was once a cute mooing cow or their nuggets were a candy-loving chicken named Gladys. I don’t get it, Perdue.

And that’s my quick note on personified food.


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