14 Apr

What are the rules with money-finding? Is it still “finder’s keepers”? I ask because yesterday I found $8.

I don’t have much experience with money-finding. When I was young, my dad and I found $5 on the street when we were making the rounds selling Girl Scout cookies in our Pittsburgh neighborhood. We were so excited until we got home and counted our money envelope and realized we were short $5. That’s the thing about money-finding–for every person who feels blessed with some extra cash, someone else is shorted.

That’s why I was a bit conflicted when I saw $8 on the top of the escalator as I was leaving the gym yesterday. It was rolling around hopelessly, I had to rescue it from being sucked in! I did the obligatory look around to see if anyone was crawling on the floor looking for $8. But there was no one around, so I pocketed it.

Now here’s the big question–was the $8 sent from above as a way of returning good karma to me, or am I now going to receive bad karma because I took someone else’s money? Who knows. I think it’d feel better if I knew it belonged to one of my noisy neighbors or the ones that smoke and make my apartment smell like smoke.

But if anyone in Chicago has lost $8 recently, please comment with a full description (including serial numbers) of the money, and perhaps we can organize a return.

Now I don’t feel as badly.


One Response to “Jackpot?”


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    […] some sort of sign. (You know what’s even stranger? Exactly eight months ago I posted about finding $8, which is equivalent to £5. I kept it that time, only to give $20 the next day to a guy I thought […]

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