Pedestrian blockheads

16 Apr

I feel bad for “traffic management” folk. They have to stand outside all day waving an orange stick at a bunch of drivers and pedestrians that often choose to ignore them. Once I heard one shout, “Why is nobody listening to me?!” I chuckled a little, but felt his pain.

I used to say when I drive I hate pedestrians, and when I walk I hate drivers, but I think I tend to sympathize with drivers more. There’s one particular instance that really irks me: when there’s a green turning arrow and the pedestrians decide to cross, despite there being a “no walk” sign. It happens every single time I walk along State Street. The cars stop driving east and west, so the pedestrians automatically assume it’s time for a walk sign and they step into the street. Of course it’s not walk time, it’s green arrowing turning time for the cars driving north-south, but they never get a chance. I noticed today they even had a traffic control aide trying to prevent this mishap from happening, but it was no use. The minute one “blockhead” (which I believe is the term the lady with the orange stick called him) steps into the road, a throng of tourists and shoppers follow, making it impossible for the car to turn on the arrow. For this reason I purposely avoid driving on State St. or Michigan Ave., but this problem occurs at most intersections. I once came close to hitting a guy who was walking during my green arrow. He gave me this “Geez, learn how to drive!” look. I couldn’t come up with a “Geez, learn how to follow walk signs before you get run over!” look fast enough. The thing is, if I had hit him while I was turning on a green arrow and he was walking during a don’t walk sign, it would have been my fault just because I’m the driver and he’s the pedestrian, right? I’m not sure what the exact rules are, but I’m pretty sure it’s along the lines of “the pedestrian is always right.” I’m not saying as a driver I want the right to hit pedestrians, but there’s gotta be a way to solve this frustrating problem. How about people in bright vests waving orange sticks? Wait…


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  1. sikiş April 17, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    thanks for post.

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