No-Pug Friday

10 May

(Wanted to post this Friday, but just got internet back now…)

I often judge the quality of my day by the number of Pugs I see. It’s silly and often inaccurate, but Friday was definitely a no-Pug day.

It was dark and drizzly for most of the day, so I decided to drive (instead of walk) to the store. In the spot where I once saw two Pugs at once, I saw what appeared to be a woman having her purse stolen. A no-Pug day indeed.

An older blonde woman and a young black woman were gripping onto the handles of a black purse, fighting over it like two preschoolers who both called dibs on a toy during playtime. There were three black men standing behind them. Much shouting and yelling was happening. I had one of those “Crap, crap, what do I do?” moments as I drove by. But then I saw a man walking his dog while on the phone, presumably calling the authorities. Then I heard the sirens. Part of me wanted to stick around and see what went down, but instead I headed for the store. It was an odd situation. One would think if someone were serious about stealing a purse, they would just grab it and run or use a weapon. It was weird to see them fighting like that and made me wonder if they knew each other. I was very thankful to be in my car.

And this is where it gets even weirder. Were it sunny, I probably would have gone for a walk, where I would have passed by the crazy purse situation and headed towards State Street, where there was… a shooting! At Old Navy! Where I go all the time! Allegedly a man walked into the store and shot his girlfriend in the employee lounge before killing himself. So it wasn’t like he open-fired in the store, but it still would have been scary to hear gunshots while shopping. I was very glad I decided to stay in Friday.

Lastly, while in Chinatown for dinner, we were watching the news (in Chinese) and found out there was a metro train collision and a deadly car accident.

Friday just seemed like one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days that needed to end. I’m just fortunate none of the bad things directly involved me, except for my losing the internet.

Rest assured, I saw a Pug on Saturday and it was a much better day.


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