Sign that I am an internet junkie

10 May

I am sitting here in the library with my laptop using their painfully slow internet. In keeping with the junkie analogy, I’m pretty this is the equivalent of sharing a used needle or something. I was a few steps away from knocking on a stranger’s door in my building and asking if I can borrow some internet. I’m that desperate for my fix.

That’s right friends, I haven’t had internet in my apartment since Thursday night. It is now late Monday afternoon. In internet junkie terms, that is an eternity. One more day and I might just have to head out Californie way to find me some internet (South Park reference, anyone?).

AT&T is upgrading my account today. For some reason they need to change my account number to do that. And for some reason that involves shutting down my internet. And for some insane reason, they chose to do that late Thursday night instead of, I don’t know, for five minutes while they perform the change today. Hopefully by the time I head home today (after stopping at Starbucks for frappaccino happy hour, of course!) my internet will be up and running, but I don’t have much faith in AT&T.

I feel like this post should have a “I went without the internet for four days and am a better person because of it” tone, but in reality I’m still an addict with no intentions of giving it up. Nice try, AT&T. Nice try.

(Some crazy stuff happened on Friday that I really wanted to blog about, but couldn’t. Perhaps I will post whenever I get decent-speed internet back, although it’ll probably be less effective days later.)


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