Another makeup post

13 May

I rocked this rainbow eye shadow look the other day while shopping at Target and Trader Joe’s. It’s a bit odd when strangers ask you to close your eyes so they can get a closer look, but I guess I kinda asked for it wearing this in public. Until I can get my painting corner set up in my apartment, I’ll continue to use my eyelids as a canvas.

While I’m on the topic of makeup, I have a gripe. I’ve seen various TV programs and websites go on about the dangers of keeping makeup for too long. Bacteria can grow, you’ll get infections, etc. But my question is, if it’s so dangerous, why don’t cosmetic companies put expiration dates on their products? I’m a sucker for expiration dates and would be less willing to use old mascara if it had “Use by May 2002” on the side. Instead I’m left to guessing how old it is and assuming it’s fine. The only product I’ve been using for way past the supposed allotted time is eye shadow. I wore some to a wedding last weekend that I bought for my junior prom—almost exactly seven years ago. And it still looked good and didn’t make my eyes swollen or bloodshot. So I can’t help but wonder if this Throw-your-eye-shadow-out-after-a-year rule was thought up by the big makeup companies to get us to buy their products more often. Until I can visibly see mold or my skin turns green, I’ll continue to use my old eye shadow.


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