A post about tweezers

24 May

I spent a good amount of last night and this morning looking for my tweezers. The last time I saw them they were on a shelf above the toilet (you can already see where this is going, can’t you?). I even went as far as to dig through the garbage, thinking they may had fallen in. I eventually shot Stephen an email, thinking he might had done something with them. This was his response: “I dropped it in the toilet. now is gone.”

So I found myself at Target this afternoon in search of a new pair. It’s been a while since I bought tweezers. The ones I had had a bit of sentimental value–I bought them on my very first day at Northwestern at the Osco Drug, back when Osco Drug existed in Evanston. And now they are somewhere in a sewage pipe. I’m getting sidetracked though.

Why are there so many types of tweezers? I had no idea. The prices ranged anywhere from $1.02 to $22 with most being around $4-$6. I stood there forever trying to decide which ones to get. They all looked about the same, except for the pink and the gold ones. So I threw the $1.02 regular silver ones into my basket. Hopefully tweezers are tweezers and they work just the same. If not, I can always flush the $1.02 ones down the toilet (or better yet–throw them away in the garbage) and head back to the massive tweezers aisle.


One Response to “A post about tweezers”

  1. lauren May 24, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    I remember reading about some special kind of tweezer in InStyle (my mom gives me a subscription every year for Christmas). I mentally bookmarked it for when my cheapies reach the end of their life cycle.

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