The price of frozen yogurt

27 May

I am all about frozen yogurt these days. I wasn’t always. I remember when Red Mango opened in Evanston two years ago. I think my roommates and I even had a countdown, we were so excited. But when the moment finally arrived and I had a cup of real fro-yo in my hands, I believe my exact words were, “Man, this crap kinda sucks.” I was expecting vanillay-creaminess and instead got sour bitterness. And it cost me over $4! I was sorely disappointed and decided to write off frozen yogurt for the time being. Then last year Stephen started raving about a place called Berry Chill. So on a nice day we walked two miles so that frozen yogurt could redeem itself. And it did. Berry Chill’s various flavors tasted much better than Red Mango’s original, plus they had mochi as a topping! Suddenly I was a frozen yogurt fan again. Since then a variety of frozen yogurt places have sprung up in my neighborhood–Starfruit, Yogen Fruz, and more. I love them all, but I have one gripe–they are all so freaking expensive!

I got a medium passion fruit frozen yogurt with mochi and yogurt chips (yes, I put yogurt chips on my yogurt) today from Berry Chill and it was $7.25. Over $7 for a frozen treat! I don’t spend that much on lunch! I remember 10 years ago my family went to California on vacation. It was a time when Ben & Jerry’s ice cream wasn’t prevalent in Kentucky so we HAD to get some in Cali. I don’t remember how it tasted, but I still remember my dad complaining about the $4/waffle cone price tag. I wonder what he would think of Berry Chill.

But why do all these yogurt places start their prices at $4 (for a small, plain, with no toppings. And who orders that?)? Because they can get away with it. Because stupid people like me will buy it. On the weekend Berry Chill often has a line out the door.

Sadly, this is why I don’t eat healthily as often as I should. $1 vanilla cone from McDonald’s vs. $7 frozen yogurt…it’s a tough decision.

Final note: is anyone else creeped out by the “live and active cultures” yogurt places advertise? I know it’s supposed to aid digestion, but I feel a little squirmy thinking about something “active and alive” in my intestines. I think i can feel them moving and setting up shop now.


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