The waiting game

2 Jun

My bathroom sink is clogged. This is a problem I encounter a couple times a year, thanks to my dog-like shedding abilities. Back when I lived with two girls, it was a problem we encountered monthly. We were on a first-name basis with the maintenance guy.

I had been putting off contacting management, for some reason. A couple months ago I even tried Liquid Plumber. It was no match for my ball of hair. So yesterday I finally marched down to the management office and put in a maintenance request. I asked when they would come. “Oh, they should be able to come by 6pm today,” the lady said. It was 4:30pm. I asked if they could come in the late afternoon the following day if they couldn’t make it today. “No, they’ll come today,” she said.

So I went upstairs and played the waiting game. Oh, how I hate that. I’m always convinced that the cable person, maintenance guy, or anyone else who goes by the “I’ll be there between the hours of 7am and midnight” rule, will show up the minute I go to the bathroom or start cooking dinner. So I sit there hungry and uncomfortable. Nine times out of 10 they either don’t show up or show up way past the agreed upon time. Maintenance guy yesterday was a no-show. But guess when he showed up today–before 10am. So instead of answering the door half-asleep, I stayed in bed with the door shut, pretending to be out of the apartment. I could hear him struggling with my sink. “Aye, aye, aye!” he said and grunted. I’m not sure what he did, but it involved flushing the toilet and walking around in the kitchen. Whatever he did, it worked. It just would have been nice if it happened yesterday.


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