Parking lines

4 Jun

Imagine that SUV is a green Beetle

You know what really grinds my gears? When I park next to a car that has parked crooked, causing me to park crooked. And then when I come out, that car has moved, so it looks like I’m the one that doesn’t know how to park. This happens to me all the time in grocery store lots but it mainly happens in my building’s lot. It’s very hard to see the lines, especially at night. So I park equidistant to the car next to me and hope I’m in the lines.

The other day something horrible happened–I actually had to search for a spot in my own lot. I pay an obscene amount of money every month to avoid just this thing. I waited patiently for someone to come out, but no one did. So I was forced to park in the only spot left in the entire lot, the spot farthest away from the entrance. It was against the fence where no one pays any mind to the parking lines. So I did the equidistant thing again. The thing is, most of the cars in my lot belong to commuters. So after 7pm the lot clears out and then it looks like I meant to park in the middle of nowhere disregarding the lines.

This is where it gets good–I went to drive my car yesterday after it had been parked there for several days. It turns out I’m not the only one who complains about the line visibility issue, because there were fresh yellow lines everywhere–everywhere except underneath my car. It looked like my little Beetle was parked in a jumbo spot. I think they should keep it that way and label it “Hummers only.”

So to the guys that painted the yellow lines the other day, I’m sorry. If they wouldn’t let the lot fill up past capacity, I wouldn’t be forced to park on the line all the time.


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