2006 Throwback

23 Jun

Last night I found myself reading my old online journal. It was a little more personal than this blog, but some of the posts were classic. I thought I’d repost a couple here for kicks.

Background info: In the summer of 2006 I was working for the (now defunct) Downtowner newspaper in Cincinnati. I spent a lot of time walking around downtown and waiting for the bus. I was also obsessed with finding heels I could comfortably wear to walk around the city. Four years later, I’m still looking.

July 25, 2006 (excerpt):
In other news, downtown Cincinnati pigeons are extremely fat and lazy. Today I found myself actually walking around them. Once Jannie and I were talking about how we had the urge to punt a pigeon. If only I had that urge this morning.
And then on my way to the bus stop I saw a dead bird sprawled out on the sidewalk. “Punted?” I thought, but the way he landed he looked like he fell off something high. I can’t imagine birds falling to their death, but there’s a first time for everything. Perhaps that means there’s hope for comfortable heels.


Speaking of punting pigeons, I just discovered this funny video. I love the Internet.


August 2, 2006
Being who I am, I always get to the Park-And-Ride to wait for the bus at least 5 minutes before it’s scheduled to come. It’s my own little Me Time with my book in the 96 degree weather. Today, the day I decided to get overly dressed up in a skirt and heels, I emerge from the parking garage only to see the 17X bus driving by. I knew I was 5 minutes early, but when you see your bus, inbound or outbound, your mind does crazy things. Like chase after it up hill in heels waving your arms. Yeah. Only a few minutes of that before I decided to ask the girl who got off the bus if it was out- or inbound. Outbound. The inbound one would return in–guess–5 minutes. The best part was it’s the same driver, he does a loop around Drawbridge Inn and comes back. So I got to sit there and wait 5 minutes, then greet him with my $1.25 as that “girl who chased after the wrong bus in heels.” All he said was “hi”, but I know what he was thinking…


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