Need for [pedestrian] Speed

25 Jun

You know those cars on the highway that speed in and out of lanes and make you shout, “What are you doing?! You’re gonna cause an accident!”?

That was me yesterday. Except I wasn’t driving, I was weaving through the crowds of people on State Street on foot, trying to get to the dentist. I’m amazed by how slowly people can walk and take up the entire sidewalk. I had some mighty close encounters. Had I been driving, it would have been trouble. What was everyone doing out on a Thursday afternoon? It was feeling worse than China (by my own experience, not the picture). I guess it’s tourist season.

Thanks to my speed walking, I got to the dentist 10 minutes early. For once I actually had some good small talk ideas running through my head, so of course all the hygienist and I talked about was the weather and cold sores. Oh well. At least I didn’t have any cavities. When you’re a kid you dread fillings because of the pain and additional office visit. Now that I’m an adult I worry about how much they’ll cost.

On my walk back I saw a crushed Scrabble box in the middle of the sidewalk. I wonder what the story is behind that.


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