“Hell’s waiting room”

7 Jul

I was going to write a post about how much I hate this hot weather, but I was reading one of my favorite sites, the West Virginia Surf Report, and realized Jeff Kay took the words right out of my mouth…or fingers, or whatever. So here is Jeff’s take on this obnoxiously hot and humid weather:

I just went outside with Andy, and sweet sainted mother of Lloyd Braun!  It’s like hell’s waiting room out there.

Seriously, has the earth broken from of its orbit, and begun hurtling toward the sun?  I checked the CNN website and didn’t see anything on it.  But I think we’re hurtling; it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

Remember last summer?  It was so cool people were bitching about it.  “I like it a little hotter, just a little hotter,” they whined in their whiny, whiny voices.  And now look what’s happened.  Thanks!  Thanks a whole hell of a lot, freaks.

Last summer I went to Shanghai and it was unbearably hot. Stephen and I got into a discussion about whether it gets that hot and humid in Chicago. I said it does, he said it doesn’t. Last summer he was right, this summer he’s most definitely wrong.

I can’t wait to move to London, even if it does rain all the time. I’d rather be soaked with water than sweat!

Shameless plug: You should visit Jeff’s site. It’s pretty hilarious, especially his Fast Food Ads vs Reality bit. That’s what got me hooked several years ago.


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