Hair highway robbery

13 Jul

Today, I did the unthinkable–I went to a hair salon in Chicago. I’ve been living here for six years and have always gone home to Kentucky to get my hair cut and colored. Part of it was an excuse to go home, part of it was my inability to sever ties with my stylist, and most importantly, I’m now realizing–my Kentucky stylist is cheaper. Much cheaper.

The salon today was nice, don’t get me wrong. My colorist and blow-dryer (yes, they have a separate person for that) were also nice. But the whole time I couldn’t help but feel like I was cheating on Amy.

I was expecting the price to be a little higher than I’m used to. When I called to make my appointment the receptionist quoted me $140 for highlights. In Kentucky I pay less than that and get color, a cut, blow-dry and style. In the Chicago salon all of those are a la carte and performed by a different stylist. One woman did my color, then shuffled me off to another woman who blow dried my hair and curled it–for an additional cost. That is the biggest rip off to me–did they really expect me to get on the L with wet hair? So I got a blow dry…for $45. $45! I can get a whole hair cut for less than that in Kentucky!

It was hard not to let out a “Are you kidding me?!” when the receptionist told me my total was $220–twice what I normally pay, and I didn’t even get a hair cut. My hair looks good, but I’m not sure if I’d go back. If London prices are even higher, it may actually be cheaper to fly to Kentucky for a cut and color!

So Amy, I’m sorry I found solace behind the comb and foil of another stylist. I just wanted to have nice hair for my China trip next week and couldn’t make it back to Kentucky. I hope you will take me back and do my hair when I’m home for Christmas.


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