Purse time capsules

20 Aug

I began the packing process just now by deciding which purses need to come with me to London. I have a bad habit of switching purses without emptying them, leaving me with what are essentially time capsules for 2006 and 2007. Inside I found an abundance of used tissues, pens and mints but also some random things–my plane ticket from when I went to New York in 2006, a train ticket from Rome (also from 2006), as well as a little drawing of myself one of my travelmates drew on a napkin while we were waiting for pasta one night. I also found two Graeter’s ice cream temporary tattoos. When and why did Graeter’s give out tattoos? I have absolutely no memory of ever grabbing them, but it seems I did, and I shoved them in my purse. I also found a bunch of receipts. Apparently I went to Wendy’s in April of 2007 and just got a frosty.

I have a feeling this is going to be the most fun (and easiest) thing to pack. I am not looking forward to deciding which shoes and clothes need to come with me. Just now I counted how many skirts I have– 44. I own 44 skirts. How did that happen? I could wear a different skirt every day for a month and a half. Of course I don’t, I wear the same three. I think packing will remind me of clothes I didn’t know I had as well as encourage me to get rid of the things I haven’t worn in years–as much as that kills me. I really need to work on my attachment to inanimate objects issues.


2 Responses to “Purse time capsules”

  1. annie August 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    Please contact me.


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    […] inside and my laptop screen cracked. Maybe that’s why I haven’t used it). Like my purses I haven’t used in years, this carry-on was a landmine of treasures from the past. In fact, […]

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