TV for sale–original box!

26 Aug

I am trying my hand at Craigslist again and not having much luck.

Craigslist is great, don’t get me wrong. Without it we’d still be paying to list our phone number in the newspaper classified section under “TVs for sale.” And that’s why I like Craigslist–you can communicate with all the crazies via email, so when they ask stupid questions you can just hit delete, no cell phone minutes wasted. I always put “email if interested” in my ads because I’m not a big fan of giving out my phone number and talking to strangers. I like to seal the deal via email and only speak on the phone when the person calls to say they are downstairs and ready for pick up. Yet lately it seems everyone replies to my ad with “I am interested, call me.” Maybe this is just me being weird, but I don’t want to call these people. I don’t want to verbally haggle with them. The phone-happy are not the worst people out there though. What I can’t stand are the people who ask stupid questions. In my TV listing I wrote that we had the original box and could include it. So of course someone wrote, “Do you have the original box?” I’m also trying to sell my microwave for the second time. I had to include “Stand not included” because last time I got more emails for the microwave stand in the picture than for the actual microwave. If I were selling the stand, I would have made a separate listing for it, or titled the listing “Microwave and stand.” I think the worst people, though, are the ones that schedule a time to come pick up the item and then don’t show up. No call, no email. I understand there’s a lot of crap on Craigslist and you may have found a better deal, but don’t leave me hanging.

I had high hopes last night. Within a couple hours of listing my TV I got four responses. I told each of them it was still available and was going to accept whoever could come get it first. I wrote back to each of them asking when they could come get it. No one wrote back.

I guess this is the price we pay for free classifieds.


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