My buddy

13 Sep

If you remember from a previous post, I’m not a big fan of spiders. Yet somehow I now have a spider buddy who goes with me everywhere–literally. That is because he has made my car’s passenger side mirror his home.

My buddy's work in Chicago

I first noticed my buddy after my car sat for two weeks while I was in China at the end of July. Stephen and I made jokes about how I need to drive more before my car is covered in spiderwebs. I didn’t think much of the web on my mirror and my driving destroyed it. I came out several days later to drive again and noticed a new web. Once again I drove and the web was destroyed. But my buddy is persistent. Every night he comes out and builds a new web. I have yet to see him catch anything in it, so I’m not quite sure how he is mustering the energy to spin so often, but he does. While I am driving he hides inside my mirror. The little bugger is smart, except for the whole web-placement-on-a-moving-vehicle decision. If only the web could withstand driving, he would have a feast, especially if the web caught half the bugs that my windshield did on my drive to Cincinnati Thursday. That’s right, on Thursday I made the 300 mile drive from Chicago to Cincinnati for possibly the last time ever. I was certain my buddy had found a new home or perished from lack of food. But I came out on Friday morning to find a large intricate web on my window–my spider buddy made it to Cincinnati with me! I almost felt bad destroying his web once again. I was outside tonight and actually caught him in the act. So far he caught a dandelion seed in his web. Hopefully he gets some insects soon.

My buddy's work in Cincinnati

I’m heading back to Chicago tomorrow on a one-way Megabus. It’ll be hard to leave behind not just my family and car, but also my spider buddy. Hopefully my mom won’t mind giving me spider updates.


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