Hello, London. Hello, jet lag.

26 Sep

We made it! The flight went by extraordinarily fast, thanks to my reclining business class seat and array of movies and shows to watch. It was absolutely gorgeous in London when we arrived–an actual blue sky and sun! But before going out to enjoy it, we decided to nap…for six hours. I didn’t think jet lag would affect me so much. I figured it would mess up my night sleep schedule for sure, and it did, but not quite how I expected–I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 2pm. That is 13 hours of sleep. Luckily I’ve got months and years to enjoy London, presuming I can eventually wake up.

Being here is still a bit surreal. I haven’t had a chance to really experience London yet, but I’ve had a few “Wow, this is England” moments already, like when the taxi driver exclaimed “Bloody hell!” when lifting one of our six suitcases. I’ve been watching a good amount of UK television, which, as my dad warned me, “sucks.” The commercials really crack me up though. I’m also learning a bit of British English. For instance, they pronounce “vitamin” with a short “i” and “zebra” with a short “e.” I know this because I’ve been watching a show called Zoo Borns all morning. Turns out not all British TV sucks.

The other thing I noticed is that the British love the word “mind.” This is clear from “Mind the gap” made famous in the Tube. But there’s also “Mind the step” written above our bathroom. In the airport yesterday a guy was trying to get a line of luggage carts through the door. This other guy was standing near the door completely oblivious to the near hundred carts coming at him. “Mind the door!” the guy with the carts shouted. When he didn’t get response he tried other variations–“Mind yourself!” “Mind the trolleys!” I was standing there laughing, both at the use of “mind” instead of “Excuse me” or “Watch out” and the oblivious guy who still wasn’t moving.

I’ll leave you with next week’s weather forecast, which makes me glad I brought my new hooded trench in my carry-on and sad that I slept through what was likely the one sunny day of the month.


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