Ketchup, Catalogs and Birds

8 Oct

Alternative title: Things I’ve been meaning to blog about.

As predicted, I’m starting to grow tired of the glorious £2 Tesco sandwich deal. So instead of risking a food aversion, I tried something different the other day. I went to McDonald’s.

It’s definitely not as cheap here. I got the chicken McNuggets value meal (which, note, comes with six nuggets here, and 10 in the US) and it cost me £3.99 (over $6). My drink was a tiny bottle of orange juice. The best part was the ketchup packets:

Much easier for dipping.

It tasted like McDonald’s and gave me that same “Dear god, why do I eat this stuff?” upset stomach feeling afterward. The £2 sandwich deal is looking better.

I finally made it to Argos the other day. The only way to describe Argos is a store that sells EVERYTHING. It’s like IKEA and Wal-Mart combined with the workings of Service Merchandise. The store itself is probably around 800 square feet (there’s a sign that I’ve been looking at too many flats, I’m thinking in square footage.) You pick what you want from a massive catalog, write down the number, and bring the number to the cashier. Your item then arrives on a conveyor belt in the back. The only downside is you can’t see anything before you buy it, but you can return things. I bought towels because the place we’re staying charges if we want our towels changed more than once a week. I accidentally dropped my towel on the wet floor and it started smelling rank.

That's nearly 2,000 pages of crap you can buy! It was a pain in the butt to carry home.

I went back to Kensington Gardens today for a nice walk by Round Pond since it was another rare nice day. The people, dogs and birds were out in full force–emphasis on the birds. I started feeling like I was in “The Birds” as I approached the pond–pigeons, crows, geese, ducks and swans were everywhere.

That kid better watch his banana!

The birds were definitely not people-shy!

It was quite the sight.

I’ll leave you with proof that the sky is occasionally blue in London:


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