Deep Thought

15 Oct

I interrupt my usual London posts to write about a recent matter of concern… toilet paper.

I’m currently staying at a “serviced apartment”–halfway between a hotel and a flat. The room is serviced once a week. I learned the hard way when I first arrived that once the two rolls of toilet paper they gave me ran out, I’d have to buy my own. So I made my way down to Tesco and bought some genuine British TP (side note: Do the British call it toilet paper?). I had about half a roll left when they came to “service” the room the next week. When I returned to the apartment I noticed my half roll was replaced with a new roll. Which leads me to the pressing question: what do hotels (or serviced apartments) do with all the half-empty rolls?

Surely they don’t throw them out, right? This roll had at least another day or two in it. Do they use the rolls to stock the employee bathrooms? Is the housekeeping staff allowed to take them home as a perk of the job? Do they have a guy whose job is to perfectly combine two half-used rolls into a new one? If they are throwing them out — heaven forbid — someone should collect all the rolls and donate them to a worthy cause.

Yes, I just thought of a toilet paper charity.

Sometimes my “deep thoughts” concern me.


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