Fayre happenstance

29 Nov

Yesterday we unintentionally found ourselves in the middle of the St. John’s Wood Christmas Fayre (love the spelling!) on our way to lunch. It was the strangest thing. On the high street normally filled with British people smoking on the sidewalk and Americans running around with their Starbucks cups, there were rides and clowns and carnie food. It was like a full blown church festival, except there was Christmas music playing. And it was cold. Really cold. Eating cotton candy on a mini ferris wheel loses its appeal when there’s a biting wind chill. That’s probably why we Americans hold our Christmas fairs indoors and our big fairs in the summer, when it’s hot enough to melt the cotton candy to your face, but at least you don’t have to eat it with gloves on.

I think my favorite (I’m sorry, “favourite”) part was the kiddie car ride blasting “You Sexy Thing” by the British group Hot Chocolate and drowning out “Feliz Navidad” over the loud speakers (“I believe in miracles / Where you from? / You sexy thing” — that song. On a kid’s ride.)


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