The importance of being honest

14 Dec

I found £15 in my building’s parking lot on the way home from the store today. (I write about going to the store almost everyday, don’t I?) First I found the fiver, which was the amount of money I spent at Tesco today. I almost kept it, thinking it was some sort of sign. (You know what’s even stranger? Exactly eight months ago I posted about finding $8, which is equivalent to £5. I kept it that time, only to give $20 the next day to a guy I thought really needed it and said he was going to pay me back. He never did.)

Anyway, I was walking towards the back door when I found the tenner. I stood there for a minute having a “What to do, what to do…” moment. I did the obligatory look around and saw no one. But then I remembered the porter was probably watching on camera since it was right in front of the door. Had it been on a public sidewalk, I probably would have kept it, but since it was likely someone in my building who lost it, I decided to do the right thing and take it to the porter. He called me one of the few honest girls around. I wonder if they can rewind the CCTV tape and see who dropped it. Even if they never find the owner, it’ll be a nice Christmas bonus for the porter.

So, universe, I did my good deed for the week. I would appreciate it if you did yours in the form of no snow or any other disaster (flock of geese, drunk pilot) in London, Chicago or Cincinnati on Thursday that would prevent me from flying to the US. If you’re feeling extra generous, I’d also appreciate no snow in Cincinnati on Saturday and Sunday for the Over the Rhine shows, the whole reason I’m heading back to the states a week before Christmas.


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