Direct deposit and dollar diet pills

5 Jan

For those of you following my Chase Free Checking Crisis of 2011, I’m happy to report that I visited a branch today and was informed that Paypal does count as direct deposit, so my checking account will remain free if I transfer at least $500 a month. My personal banker was very friendly and accommodating, but of course wouldn’t let me leave after only answering my simple question. She wanted my life story and to send me away with as many credit cards and accounts as possible. I cut her off when she started going into retirement plans, but I did leave with a new savings account, something I probably should have opened years ago anyway.

Before the bank I hit up the dollar store. I always want to buy everything in that store, even though I don’t need most (OK, any) of it and the rest I can get for less than a dollar somewhere else. Jay Leno does a feature about the random weird crap you can find at the dollar store. I would like to do a feature on Stuff You Shouldn’t Trust Because It’s $1. I saw a lot of examples today — diet pills, hair coloring and pregnancy tests. Those all seem like things that are worth paying a little extra for quality. I restrained myself and left with a nail file/buffer kit and caramel cream candies, two things I don’t mind spending $2 on.


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