eBay Foul, Or, How I Ended Up With 8 Black Eyeliners

6 Jan

Since I’m in the states until the end of the month, I’m stocking up on things I either can’t get in the UK or don’t want to overpay for there. Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner and I use it everyday. I have almost all the colors, but seem to be favoring black lately, so I thought I should stock up. One costs $6 on Avon.com, but a lot of Avon reps sell it for cheaper on eBay. Some will sell them for $2.79 and then charge 99 cents shipping no matter how many you buy. That’s a good deal, but I was on the hunt for an even better bargain. I saw a seller had several lots of four up for auction. If I bought four from the $2.79 lady, my order would cost $12.16. Keeping that in mind, I bid a maximum of $8 on the lot of four, knowing that shipping would be $2. The lot had previously gone for over $8, so I imagined I would be outbid. Here is where the eBay Foul comes in — I bid $5 on a second lot. Looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess I figured there was no way it would sell for $5 and I would likely lose both auctions and have to try again the next day. Of course, that didn’t happen. I won both auctions. The first one went for $5.52, the second $4.25. I have no idea who bid $5.51 to make my bid $5.52. I emailed the seller and asked if she would combine shipping. I never heard from her. I had already paid for the first lot and she shipped it out today. I can understand her not wanting to combine shipping, she just let $24 worth of product go for $4.25. So now I have eight black eyeliners coming to me, for the price of two. Maybe I should start rocking the Taylor Momsen look to burn through them faster.


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