Shoveling is not delightful

11 Jan

Today northern Kentucky received its version of White Death (3 inches of snow). All the schools were off and people freaked out in their usual manner. Last month I wrote about cities that receive a lot of snow and know how to deal with it vs. cities that rarely receive snow and don’t know how to handle it. I left out Cincinnati — a city that receives a lot of snow yet still hasn’t learned how to handle it. Snow is not rare here, but the way they cancel school at the first flake and put off plowing, it’s as if it’s snowing in Arizona. I’ll admit I don’t quite have the “Six inches? That’s nothing! Let’s drive!” mentality that my parents have from living in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, but even I would have driven today, had I someplace to go. Instead I went out and shoveled the driveway before my dad got home from work.

It’s been over five years since I’ve shoveled a driveway. I think I blocked out how miserable it is. By the time we finished my back and arms were aching and I had snow in my socks. I remember writing a vignette about snow shoveling in high school. I believe I called it, “When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Shoveling is Not Delightful.” Oh, I was so clever back in the day.

The worst part is that it is still coming down, so we’ll probably have to go back out tomorrow and do it again. Suddenly London rain doesn’t seem so bad.


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