Quest for tortilla chips

4 Feb

Yesterday I learned that you can buy prawn cocktail potato chips — or any other flavo[u]r available — at Tesco Metro, but you cannot buy plain tortilla chips.

I searched all over the store — in the chip aisle, where I thought they would be, and the Mexican aisle, which is really just a shelf with some taco shells and salsa that looks suspiciously like tomato sauce. No tortilla chips. I eventually settled on two jumbo bags of little bags of Doritos that were on sale. They taste the same as in the US, but the flavo[u]rs have different names, like Tangy Cheese instead of Nacho Cheese (or the name I detested, Nacho Cheesier  — cheesier than what, the previous Nacho flavor?) and Cool Original instead of Cool Ranch. I got my hopes up with that little blue bag, because the picture shows a plain tortilla chip, no specks of ranch flavoring, and what says “plain chip” more than “original?” But it tasted like Cool Ranch.

When I got home I did some research. Surely tortilla chips exist in the UK. Now that I think about it, I remember buying a little bag of plain tortilla chips at the Tesco Metro in Notting Hill a few months ago. Why didn’t they have those at the store I went to? In my research I found that Tesco makes their own brand of plain chips (actually called chips and not crisps. Interesting):

Check out the mascot! Would Mexicans find that offensive? He’s got a different outfit for each flavor!

Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t find the chips in store — they got pulled from the shelves. But then I read the article I found the image with — the chips actually won an award in 2008 for package design. Who needs to be PC anyway?

I guess I’ll have to continue my quest for plain tortilla chips at another grocery store, and enjoy my Tangy Cheese Doritos in the meantime.


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