I’m back, and still blogging about grocery shopping

21 Mar

Every day this past week I have come home to my flat or hotel room thinking, “This is it. Tomorrow I am going to wake up and have no feeling or control in my legs and feet.” Is that possible? Can your body refuse to function until it gets a day off? If so, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. The family eurotrip has come to an end. It was fun, but exhausting — not just playing host/travel agent/tour guide for eight days, but walking at least five miles each of those eight days, two of which in soaking wet socks and shoes (the worst feeling ever). Yesterday, the day my family left, I took as my vacation from the vacation, and never left the flat. But today I could ignore the empty refrigerator and cabinets no longer and trekked to Sainbury’s, where I proceeded to buy one of everything — or at least it felt that way on my walk home. I had to stop several times on my way to adjust my trolley and bags. It was by far the most groceries I had ever attempted to carry, and my body wasn’t recovered enough for it. Several times I thought about hailing a taxi, but somehow I made it through. The porter, seeing me struggling at the front door, graciously helped me lug my purchases upstairs and could not believe I had walked all the way to Sainsbury’s and back. I couldn’t either. And once I got inside I did the unthinkable — I started researching grocery delivery services. Apparently it’s only £4 to have Sainsbury’s deliver. The weather is getting nicer now and I like the exercise, but I may have to bite the delivery bullet once in awhile to maintain the feeling in my arms and legs.


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