Full English what now?

28 Mar

I have to admit, one of my favo[u]rite parts of being in England is getting to eat Walkers crisps. Americans think salt & vinegar or dill pickle-flavo[u]red chips are wild, but the British take crisps to a whole new level of crazy. For my very first meal deal back in September I got bacon-flavoured crisps. They tasted like … bacon. I have yet to try prawn cocktail, but I imagine it tastes like those shrimp crackers you get at Thai restaurants. When we were buying snacks for our Super Bowl get-together, I was tempted to get the meat value pack of crisps — that’s right, a whole bag full of six little bags of three different types of meat-flavored chips — but we weren’t sure if our American friends had jumped on the crazy crisp bandwagon like I have. (Are you annoyed yet by my interchanging of flavor/flavour and crisp/chip? I haven’t fully converted to Britishisms)

Today while buying my sandwich meal deal at Tesco Express I saw a new flavour of crisps — “full English fry up.” I think it struck my fancy because I had absolutely no idea what it meant. It did not have the words “chili con carne” like the other new flavour, and it had a picture of a guy with a frying pan, and I like fried stuff, so I got it. It wasn’t until I tasted the crisps that I realized full English fry up is probably another term for a full English breakfast, because my chips tasted just like bacon and eggs. They were good, but bizarre. The other bizarre thing is that they won’t leave me. I ate lunch eight hours ago, have since had a snack and dinner and am currently chewing mint gum, but I am still having full English fry up crisp burps. (Too much information, I’m sorry). Suddenly I don’t like full English fry up as much anymore.


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