“They do it over there, but we don’t do it here. Fashion!”

6 Apr

It’s another gorgeous day in London. Here’s hoping these are no longer few and far between. It’s currently 72 degrees out, according to my desktop weather app. I believe this is the first time we’ve broken 70 since I’ve been here, so naturally I had to celebrate … by walking to Sainsbury’s and back. I was dripping in sweat by the time I got back, which I’m sure made the porter wonder once again why I don’t get delivery service. What can I say, it’s my weekly workout.

I made some observations on my walk. First, I saw a boy peeing on the side of the road. It was something I’d expect to see — and have seen — in China, but not in London, especially mere steps away from a busy street full of cafes and shops, including a McDonald’s, home of the world’s favorite free bathrooms. His mom had pulled the car to the side of the road and was holding onto him as he let it rip. He was probably around 2 years old, likely recently potty trained. It was a strange sight to see.

I also took note of what people were wearing during this season change. My mom asked me the other day what Europeans wear during the spring and summer, since during the winter they are fans of black tights, skinny jeans and black boots — black everything, really. I can’t speak for all of America, but in Florence, Kentucky when the temperature goes above 50 degrees, people bust out the flip-flops and shorts like there’s no tomorrow, or rather like there’s not going to be dozens of 80+ degree days in the future. It’s almost like they don’t own fall or spring clothes, it’s one or the other — a parka or sandals. What I noticed today was quite the opposite — it seemed people weren’t ready for this warm summer-like weather, that they thought it was a trick or something. On the walk to the store I saw many people still wearing black, some of them with rather heavy jackets on. On my way back I saw more short sleeves, but most were carrying a jacket or sweater. I only saw one guy wearing flip-flops, and he looked like a college student and was probably American. I’m curious what people wear here in July. Maybe boots are the flip-flops of London, those shoes you carry into the wrong season because you can’t bear to store them, even if it’s not temperature-practical to continue to wear them.

(I am also praying that flip-flops are a stupid American trend and not a worldwide phenomenon. Time will tell.)


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