The face of sexy?

7 Apr

I just received an email from Victoria’s Secret. I get a lot of emails from them, and since I can’t buy anything from them while abroad, I usually ignore them. But for some reason this one caught my eye. It is for the new Body by Victoria and features this picture in the center:

How cute, they’re making a heart. But my eyes weren’t immediately drawn to the heart — I can’t get past Adriana’s face. What is that, a growl? It is possible to turn up the sexy too much? She’s stealing all the attention away from the heart and the girl on the right, whose name I don’t even know. I’m not looking at the new bras they want me to buy, I’m thinking about how nobody but Adriana can make that face and make it sexy. If anyone — anyone — else tried it, they would probably look like this:

Or maybe it’s just unphotogenic me.


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