Telemarketing blarney

1 Jun

I just got my first telemarketing call on my home phone here. I guess I’ve had a few before, but they were wrong numbers. The only person who calls on that phone is Stephen, so when it’s not him I almost instinctively say “Sorry, you have the wrong number.” But this time the guy actually said my name and it caught me off guard, so I was polite and listened to his spiel. I “listened,” but I had absolutely no idea what the guy was saying. He had the strongest Irish accent. English accents I have learned to comprehend (the mild ones at least), but I’m out of my league with Irish and Scottish. All I got out of the conversation was “shop at Sainsburys,” “gas,” “electric” and “Nectar points.” I think at one point I agreed to have him call back. I think I’m going to start a new habit of answering the phone in Chinese. I’ve heard Stephen do it enough times I think I could do it well, and if it’s not him, I will likely confuse and scare away anyone else that is calling.


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