Good Samaritan morning

16 Jun

It seems the universe wanted me to run my errands this morning in the cold and rain, instead of now when it’s bright and sunny. First on my walk to the post office a man in a car called out to me. “Can you tell me how to get to Camden?” he asked. I’m always flattered when people ask me for directions here, since it means they think I’m a local instead of a tourist. Normally, though, I have to blow my cover by saying “I’m sorry, I don’t know where that is” in my American accent. But today I was able to help the guy get to Camden, and he thanked me with “Cheers!,” which never gets old.

Then on my walk back from Tesco I encountered a woman on the side of the road. “Excuse me?” she called, and I immediately starting thinking up excuses for why I couldn’t give her money. I guess that’s the Chicagoan still in me. But instead she told me she was disabled and asked if I could help her up onto the sidewalk. I went over to her and she held onto my arm as she stepped up. She thanked me graciously and we were both on our way.

I feel like I need to do one more good deed today, since these things are supposed to come in threes, right? I just exercised, I think that counts as a good deed towards my body.


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