Celebrating USA in the UK

6 Jul

So we spent Independence Day in the country our country declared independence from. (Yes, this is a delayed post). It wasn’t as weird as I thought it’d be. In fact, it wasn’t weird at all. This might be because we live in St. John’s Wood, which may as well be Little America or Americatown. (The American School in London is in the neighborhood, so many American families choose to live nearby). On Sunday night I witnessed a few fireworks displays from my bedroom window, and on Monday some people went all out. We went to Stephen’s boss’s house to hang out with other Americans and eat hamburgers and hot dogs outside, light sparklers, and play ping pong while we cranked James Brown’s “Living in America” (is that ironic?) and other USA-themed tunes, much to the dismay of the lords and ladies next door, I’m sure. They even had Kraft mac and cheese, which I didn’t think you could get here. It was a real Proud to be an American day, complete with Pimm’s Cup (a popular British summer cocktail) …because, you know, “when in Rome” (or London).


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