Slacking and accents

12 Jul

It appears I am turning into one of those bloggers who rarely posts. Which is not cool. I promise I have some stuff in the pipeline, I just need to get it on paper (or the screen, I guess). Every night for the past week as I’m flossing I think about this great blog post I’m going to write about floss. But then the next day goes by and I never write the post. I also never cut the pineapple that’s been in the fridge for over a week, but I digress. In short, I’ve been busy, but hope to post some quality stuff in the near future.

Until then, here’s a little story about my experience getting my hair coloured today.

I went to get my hair coloured today with my very first London Groupon. For less than the price of color in the US, I was getting a full head of highlights, a hair cut and manicure. As much as I hate going to a new salon, I was all over the deal. I had the usual impersonal, awkward experience with my new stylist that made me miss my Kentucky one. The lady I had today was a bit of a scatterbrain who kept dropping the clips and comb and left me with foils in my hair for an hour without a magazine. For an hour I had nothing to do but stare at myself under the intense florescent lighting, wondering if my dark circles are that noticeable in normal lighting.

My stylist asked me where my accent was from, which is the first time anyone’s ever asked me that. I didn’t know what to say. I’m still getting used to the fact that I even have an “accent.” I like to think I have a rather neutral American accent, which in the US is deemed not having an accent. I spent my learning-to-talk years in Pittsburgh, but I certainly don’t have a Pittsburgh accent, yinz. And y’all know I don’t talk like I’m from Kentucky. So I told her “Chicago,” because it was a place I’ve lived that Europeans recognize. “Oh. I just know it sounds like you’re from some place I’d want to go,” she said, before launching into a story about how much she hates airplanes. I should have told her she’d like Chicago, but could skip Florence, Kentucky unless she wants to buy lots of cheap stuff on Mall Road, which might actually be appealing to someone who is used to paying London prices.


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