Forever 21 opens in London

27 Jul

Why do I feel a desire to punch this girl?

Today Forever 21 opened in London. I’ve been shopping there on and off since 2004. Back then it was only on State Street in Chicago — not in the Florence, Kentucky mall — so it was a big deal to shop there. I also remember their clothing being more “normal” then (and by “normal” I mean, well, not this (I wish I had created that blog.)) I bought relatively conservative sweaters and skirts there when I used to dress like a career mom. Then all of a sudden they started selling clothing that even the ’80s would have shunned. But they still had the best and cheapest camis — I have an entire drawer full of them. And they occasionally have panda shirts. I currently have five panda shirts, two of which are from Forever 21. You can never have too many panda shirts.

So even though Forever 21 isn’t my absolute favorite store, I felt compelled to go to their opening. I guess I thought there would be freebies of some sort. And I love freebies. When I went to the opening of Victoria’s Secret in Chicago (by accident) they gave me a $10 gift card.

All I got from Forever 21 in London was a 10% off a purchase of £35 or more coupon from a girl on roller skates. And claustrophobia. It seems everyone else in London thought it’d be cool to go to the store’s opening too, so it was packed to the max. People were shopping like mad. I just couldn’t get into it. Partly because of the crowds, but also because I find Forever 21 stores so hard to navigate. I have this habit of looking on their website and finding clothes I like, but then I’m never able to find them in the store. The store sells an obscene amount of clothing and it’s everywhere. Since this store is new it was relatively organized, but back in the US I always seem to find lone items of clothing and the correct size I need is either missing or on the other end of the store. The employees never seem to know either since they redo the store so often. But I think the biggest reason I didn’t buy anything in London was because of the prices. Yes, they were cheap, but not US-cheap. A skirt that costs $5.50 in the US is priced £5.50 here, which is really almost $9. Rip off. If I were a native Londoner I’d probably be jumping at the chance to get a £5.50 skirt, but not when I know I’ll be back in the US eventually and can get it there. So I left Forever 21 and went next store to H&M, where I bought a dress that I could probably get in the US cheaper. … Wait…


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