5 Aug

Tomorrow we leave for vacation — I’m sorry, “holiday.” Sometimes I try to use British terminology (I’m so close to understanding Celsius, too!), but something about “holiday” makes me think of the Madonna song. In fact, just typing it has Madonna singing in my head now.

We’re going to Vienna, Milan and Venice for a week. Quite the random itinerary, I know, but they were all “tick the box” places for us. So to Austria and Italy, it is.

I’m trying to get myself pumped up for the trip, but I always get bogged down by the details. I miss the days of my dad planning the vacations and all I had to do was show up and not throw up on the airplane because I forgot to take Dramamine. Now I somehow got sucked into doing all the trip planning, from booking the flights, trains and hotels to figuring out how to get to the hotel from the airport (which is complicated in cities like Venice where there are no cars). I also am trying to strike a balance between seeing and doing things and taking time to relax. Going from museum to palace to church to restaurant is the kind of vacation you need a vacation from, and we don’t have time for that — we get back to London from Venice on midnight Friday (which is really Saturday), then fly out to China on Sunday to spend some time with Stephen’s family. I guess I’ll have a 12-hour plane ride to recuperate and switch from “danke” and “grazie” to 你有一个下拉厕所坐吗? (“Do you have a sit down toilet?”)

So expect my posts to be few and far between over the next few weeks (not that I’ve been posting more than once a week lately anyway, sorry about that!) Hopefully my European holiday and Meet the Non-English Speaking Family Part II will provide for some good blogging material in the near future.

“Holiday… Celebration, Come together in every nation….” —Darn you, Madonna! Get out of my head!


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