♫ I wanted to be with you alone, and talk about the weather… ♪

30 Sep

So… let’s talk about the weather again. Tomorrow is the first day of October. It’s officially been fall for a week, and yet today’s high was 83 F and yesterday while walking through Regent’s Park I saw multiple people sunbathing, some of whom were obese and shirtless. (A bit of Kentucky in London!)

I took these screen caps from my weather.com app on my iPod. I took the one on the left several days after we moved here to show my friends just how “lovely” London is. I took the one on the right a year later, which was yesterday.

What is going on? Is it global warming? Are the weather gods shining upon us? (Although my desktop weather app is showing 64 and rain on Wednesday… so we shan’t get too comfortable.)
A fellow expat blogger posted this helpful article on how Americans can make small talk in England. According to the article, Americans are too forward and personal in their small talk. To quote the article, “In making first social contact with an Englishperson, keep the focus away from yourself and your conversational partner. This is why talking about the weather is so common.”

I guess talking about the weather is prime small talk in most countries (or at least on both sides of the Atlantic. I have yet to reach the “Sweet Sainted Mother of Blanket Jackson*, it’s hotter than hell’s waiting room out here!” Chinese lesson, but I’m sure it’s coming.) Yet it seems the English especially like talking about the weather. I’ve had lengthy conversations about it with the porter and my hair dresser. It’s also awkward because although I’m attempting to learn Celsius, my instinct it still to use Fahrenheit, so I want to say, “Yes, I can’t believe it’s in the 80s in September!” but instead it comes out “…20s? …Mid-20s? Um, I know 20 is equal to 68, so 80 has to be somewhere around 25? 30?… Blast!”

I was going to turn this post into a reflection on a year in London, but as I wrote it in my head it didn’t feel right. So maybe that deep reflection will come at a later time, or maybe it won’t (just like those promised posts about dental floss and our Austria/Italy holiday.) Until then, enjoy this photo of an obese pug standing next to a not-obese pug.

(*Phrase copyright Jeff Kay of thewvsr.com)


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