Changing time — British time

30 Oct

Last night was the end of British Summer Time, which is like Daylight Saving Time, except it’s British and it occurs a week earlier. I knew it was coming, but for some reason it completely threw me off. I used to make fun of those people — the ones who were always an hour early or late to church on Sunday because they forgot to switch their clocks, but it happened to me this morning.

For starters, I had a hard time falling asleep because I drank too much Pepsi Max at dinner (side note: is it called Max instead of Diet to appeal to men, or does it have the maximum amount of caffeine?) I laid there for a while thinking about all kinds of crazy things, then I dreamed about all kinds of crazy things, like Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) from Entourage was my driver in Shanghai, and I woke up discombobulated. Since I fell asleep late, I wanted to sleep in. Despite being taught “Spring forward, fall back,” I was convinced I was going to lose an hour this morning, so I wanted to sleep even later. I woke up and checked the time on my phone. Then I checked the time on my iPod. My phone was an hour later, and since phones usually update themselves, I thought my phone was the correct time. Then I opened my computer and it was showing the same time as my iPod, an hour earlier than my phone. The TV showed the computer time as well. “Why is my phone the only thing that changed to the correct time?!” I wondered. I even googled “current time London” and “end of British Summer Time” to make sure I had the right date (fun fact: It takes them five hours to change the time on Big Ben). I finally pushed through my Pepsi Max hangover/sleepy fog and realized time had “fallen back” and my phone was the one thing that didn’t change itself.

In short, I wasted the hour I gained trying to determine whether I gained it or not.


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