Carry-on Treasure Trove

11 Nov

I have 10 days until I really need to start packing for my return to the states, but the worry has already hit me. I should probably be worried about the weather, flight delays or getting to the airport on time, but instead I can’t stop wondering how I’m going to fit all the shoes, clothes and Christmas presents I want to bring into one suitcase. So this morning I got out my suitcase and starting playing shoe Tetris. Then I found my wheeling laptop carry-on, which for some reason I haven’t used since 2007 (when I brought it on a cruise and checked it with my laptop inside and my laptop screen cracked. Maybe that’s why I haven’t used it). Like my purses I haven’t used in years, this carry-on was a landmine of treasures from the past. In fact, let’s play a little game. In creative writing you can help develop your character by imagining what would be in that person’s trash can. I will tell you what I honestly found in my carry-on bag and you can try to determine what kind of “character” I am. I swear I am not making any of this up.

-Microsoft Office Professional 2003 disks
-2 computer mice
-iPod cord that allows you to change the song by pressing a button
-Hanging toiletry bag
-2 pennies
-Seagull-cut pinking sheers
-Bag of embroidery thread
-Small white button in a tiny plastic bag
-2 pencils, 2 pens and a JP Morgan highlighter
-Pen cap that doesn’t belong to either of the 2 pens
-Photo of me giving my dog Squirt a bath, c. 2000
-Half a hair brush
-Ticket to Zumanity in Las Vegas from March 2008
-Hollister perfume samples
-Fortune cookie fortune that reads “Your surrounding friends will take good care of you”

I placed all of these things on the floor and looked at them, trying to figure out how they came to be in this laptop bag. I could find proper places for everything, or I could throw some of it out. Or I could stuff all of the stuff into the hanging toiletry bag and throw it back under the bed where the carry-on was.

I’ll let you guess what I did.


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