Busted TVs and weighty bags

21 Nov

A couple months ago we almost blew up our TV. Friends, have I told you it’s not a good idea to bring major electronics overseas? Because it’s not, I’ll say it again.

During the two warm days we had in London this summer, we dug out our fan from the US and used the giant 1,500-watt transformer to power it. We had unplugged the transformer from the second TV and Wii to use it. Eventually autumn rolled around and we realized we had no need for the fan anymore and should return the transformer to the TV so I can once again use my Wii Fit. I was in the other room when Stephen plugged it in. The minute he turned the TV on, all the lights in the flat went out and there was a faint smell of burning electronics. I yelled to Stephen to see what happened, but he didn’t respond. Imagining the worst, I rushed in to find him standing with the TV remote in his hand. “Crap,” he said. If you remember, it was around this time last year when we almost blew out our main TV. (First world problem: my second flat screen TV doesn’t work.) At least he learned from that mistake and didn’t immediately plug the TV back in again. We unplugged everything from the transformer then did what anyone else would do — we didn’t touch the TV for months and hoped the problem would fix itself.

Yesterday Stephen decided he was going to have another go at it before he dug up the Best Buy warranty and tried to explain to the British Geek Squad what happened to our American TV. He gave the transformer plenty of time to warm up and used a new US power strip (we’ve blown out at least three so far and are now on our last one. Better stock up on Black Friday!). He tested the power out by plugging his iPod charger in and it worked. Long story short — turns out we didn’t blow out the TV, the surge protector on the power strip saved us, and we can once again use the Wii and secondary TV!

I used the Wii Fit this morning to weigh my suitcases — 47 and 42 lbs. I really hope the airport scale is as accurate as the Wii Fit, that 47-pounder might be pushing it. I’m not looking forward to pushing both of them around Heathrow and O’Hare tomorrow, but I’m excited that everything fit and that I’ll finally be on US soil again soon!


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