Rosetta Stone Androgyny

14 Mar

Lately I’ve been cranking away at my Chinese Rosetta Stone hoping something will stick. While they are teaching me more useful words and phrases now, like “How much does this cost?” and “Which shirt should I buy?” my brain decided it only wants to memorize “My ladder is broken.” Maybe one day that will come in useful in China.


I have a pressing question. This photo popped up in the “The man/woman/boy/girl is awake” section. So… Is this a boy or a girl?

(Rosetta Stone’s answer after the jump!)

I clicked on this photo when the phrase “The girl is awake” popped up. I got it wrong. According to Rosetta Stone, this is a little boy. Do you agree? I have nothing against little boys who want long hair or little girls who want short hair, but for the purpose of language learning, gender-stereotyped photos would be a little more helpful.


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