Rain, rain, go away

19 Apr

I’m starting to forget what the sun feels like. Here’s a screen cap of London weather for the next week:

I am going back to the states in a week and wanted to pick up some things here to bring back. I was waiting for a nice, sunny, spring day to run these errands, but as you can see, it’s not going to happen. So I set out today. When I left the flat it was just sprinkling — hood, not umbrella rain. “Maybe this won’t be so bad,” I thought, especially as the bus arrived a minute after I arrived at the stop. Halfway through the journey the pounding started — I could feel the rain on my face coming through the cracked window by the seat in front of me. The minute I stepped off the bus I had a Will Ferrell jumping in the bear enclosure in Anchorman moment: “I immediately regret this decision.”

Walking around near London’s tourist hot spots is a pain during any weather, but it’s especially annoying when you’re trying to maneuver around wide-eyed lost tourists with giant umbrellas. And when people stopped right in front of me to look at souvenirs, completely blocking the pathway, I could feel my inner angry Cartman coming out. I forgot how much walking in the rain puts me in a bad mood. But I pressed on, because the only way to put me in a good mood is to go shopping. After I got my errands out of the way, I walked towards Oxford Street to treat myself. The rain was still coming down hard and my umbrella was doing nothing to protect me from the giant puddles and drips coming off of rooftops. In front of Chanel some wicked combination of puddle and rooftop drip occurred and my feet got completely soaked. (I know, I was wearing jeans, flats and knee-highs instead of wellies, I was asking for it.) I’m still not entirely sure how it happened — it was almost as if the stream from the roof slid down my umbrella and onto my foot as my other foot stepped into a puddle. The water was also really dirty, the icing on the cake. I stepped under an awning and tried in vain to wipe the dirt and water off using a tissue. It didn’t do much. I then walked the rest of the way to store with wet feet, reminiscent of my family’s trip to Rome last year. I think socks/stockings may be the worst item of clothing to get wet, perhaps even topping underwear or jeans. But I was determined to finish my journey, and I’m glad I did — I ended up getting two graphic tees featuring Chihuahuas wearing clothes, which made me completely forget about my wet feet. I am a sucker for Chihuahua, pug and panda shirts. I also bought more of my favorite socks that were finally back in stock. Looking back on it, I probably should have put them on while I was out…


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