Rain — piss off! (If I may quote Gordon Ramsay)

7 Jul

Let’s play would you rather — would you rather it be 105 degrees (40 C) and sunny or 68 (20 C) and rainy?

I guess that boils down to — would you rather be drenched in your own sweat or rain water?

I experienced both situations in the past week going from the US, which is getting record high temperatures, to the UK, which has had the most rainfall in the past three months since 1910, and that’s only because that’s when they started recording it. It’s probably the most rainfall ever, because it’s Every. Single. Day. Normally I would go with the 68 and rainy option, hands down, because I hate, hate, hate heat and humidity, but I gotta tell you constant rainfall is no picnic either. I think my vitamin D deficiency is getting worse and I keep getting an urge to punch people and inanimate objects. Seasonal affective disorder may be a real thing.

I guess my choice would be 68 and rainy in London since this place is absolutely dreadful in the heat because no one has AC, but I may take the hot temperatures if I were back in Chicago where I could set my AC to 68 and just never leave the apartment. At least I could look at the blue skies through my window, instead of the dreary grey skies I’ve seen every day this week.

It did manage to clear up for a few hours last night so we went out to dinner to celebrate (yes, we celebrate clear skies here). Here’s the part where I get to rub our weather in Americans’ faces: I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and was a bit chilly. In July! Today I wore a wool blazer and was comfortable. That alone almost makes the rain worth it. (If you tell me that’s not “real summer,” I dare you to go to an amusement park in the 100-degree heat (no water rides!) and tell me how much you love “real summer!”)


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