London was invaded by pandas and I missed it?!

12 Jul

I don’t know if I can forgive myself.

I was getting lost in the interwebs, taking a break from work this afternoon, when I stumbled upon this video:

There were 108 costumed pandas running around London causing pandemonium last week and I MISSED IT! They were promoting Panda Awareness Week, sponsored by the Chengdu Panda Base in China. I’ve been there! I held a baby panda there! Here is a video in case you don’t believe me:

How could I not know Panda Awareness Week was happening?! I could have ridden the Tube with pandas! (OK, slightly creepy costumed pandas, but still, pandas!) I could have watched pandas ride a double decker bus or do tai chi in Trafalgar Square!

Sigh. I guess that’s why we have Youtube and photos, so I can feel like I was there, and then rewatch the video where I actually was there in Chengdu.

/end panda freak out.


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