We’re going to see Kobe! (Well, maybe…)

18 Jul

I’m not going to pretend to understand how Olympics tickets work. Over a year ago we had to submit an application for the tickets we wanted. We were then put into a lottery to see if we won the right to buy the tickets we wanted. I think we put in for 10 different events and got one — gold medal men’s football (soccer). Not bad. But just now I got an email from London 2012 saying there were more tickets available and I better hurry up and buy them now! So after fighting with their stupid you-only-get-3-minutes-to-buy-and-have-to-use-Visa-because-Visa-sponsors-the-Olympics system, we were able to get tickets to the gold medal men’s basketball event. But how? Where were these tickets when we applied for them a year ago? Did somebody find them under a couch cushion? Did they purposely only release a small amount of tickets at a time? Were they left over from a small country that didn’t sell all their allocated tickets? I have no idea, but I’m happy we landed them. Hopefully Kobe is right and team USA is the best basketball team ever and we get to see them play in the finals, as USA will definitely not be in the football finals because they didn’t even qualify!

I was tempted to try for more tickets, but I think some of my favorite events like gymnastics and swimming are best watched on TV. Plus, we’re probably already pushing it trying to leave the flat twice during the course of the Games. Can’t believe the opening ceremonies are only a week from Friday!


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