Kitchen explosions

25 Sep

I was going to make another post about the cruise, but we’ve been back for three weeks now. The mosquito bites I got at the Venice airport have all but healed. So I thought I’d get back to some classic Reneedezvous material: things exploding in my kitchen because of my stupid decisions.

The first incident happened the day we got home from the cruise. We had almost no food in the flat and I was too lazy to go shopping, so I decided to make some popcorn. I popped the kernels in a glass bowl in the microwave, then transferred the popcorn to a different bowl because the microwaved glass bowl was piping hot. So naturally I decided to immediately fill it with cold water. Then this happened:

I really liked that Pyrex bowl and was sad to see it go.

A few days later (after I had replenished the refrigerator), I was getting an apply out of the drawer when I noticed a mysterious brown liquid lining the bottom of the drawer. It was also on the shelf and on the bottom of my leftovers — did they somehow leak out of my cheap IKEA tupperware? I wondered, but there was no crack. I then decided to use some advanced investigation skills: I smelled the liquid. And I could easily identify 23 flavours — it was Dr. Pepper. This only opened up more questions — how did Dr. Pepper get all over the refrigerator? I didn’t have a can open. So slowly I removed everything from the refrigerator, wiping it off. Eventually I found the culprit:

Turns out I had the refrigerator set too cold, which made this can of Dr. Pepper in the back of the fridge freeze then explode. The problem with our refrigerator is that it has no clear directions, like all UK appliances. There is only a dial with the numbers 1 through 6. No arrows, snow flake symbol or anything that would indicate whether 1 is the coldest or 6 is the coldest. I can’t remember whether I had it set to 2 or 4, but I switched it to 3 to be safe. So far no more cans of pops have exploded, but the investigation is ongoing.


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