It doesn’t count if…

5 Oct

I was watching a Youtube video the other day and this advert came on beforehand. It began with “It doesn’t count if…” in a catchy jingle and I was intrigued. Instead of clicking “Skip ad,” I decided to watch it. A women proceeded to describe all the dieting scenarios in which “it doesn’t count” — if it’s Christmas, your birthday, someone else’s birthday, or my favorite, “It doesn’t count if you’ve just been to the gym, are going to the gym…or are just in gym clothes.” The video was surprisingly funny and relatable.


“That’s so me!” I almost said out loud. I am particularly guilty of “It’s doesn’t count if I’m on holiday (Hello, four-course cruise dinners), it’s Christmas, or it’s free.” And of course the gym excuse… in Chicago I used to go to the gym for 20 minutes and then go to Potbelly’s and get a sandwich (633 calories), cookie (530 calories) and shake (686 calories). No wonder I didn’t see any results, I should thank the metabolism gods I’m not obese! (Of course it also doesn’t count if the nutritional information is not clearly labeled — never go to a restaurant’s website and seek out that information as I just did, it will depress you.) So while I enjoyed this funny video, I was curious about its purpose — why would Youtube play me a humorous video in the spot reserved for advertisements? What’s the catch? So I went to the link at the end of the video. This is what came up:

KFC. The whole thing is a marketing campaign for KFC. They want you to try their lighter lunches “for the times it does count.” Just out of curiosity, I looked up the nutritional facts. The meal with a BBQ chicken wrap, small fries (because nothing says eating light and healthy like french fries!) and Pepsi Max has 685 calories. I guess that’s not bad in comparison to other fast food meals (someone posted this on Facebook the other day:)

But I have a hard time accepting french fries and white bread as a healthy meal. …Man, when did I become such a health nut? I guess after too many “it doesn’t count ifs” and Potbelly outings. I’ll stick with my Turbo Jam and oatmeal for now.


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