Funny snacks and SNOW!

29 Jan

Before I post my promised snow photos, I want to talk about something completely unrelated that I witnessed while — you guessed it — going grocery shopping yesterday. I was wheeling my trolley through the O2 Centre (my grocery store is located in a dining and entertainment complex, which makes it really easy to sneak candy into the movie theatre), when I walked past this woman eating a bizarre snack. She was carrying a head of lettuce and just munching on the leaves. Of all the delicious, nutritious and not-so-nutritious snacks available for purchase at Sainsbury’s, this woman decided on a head of round lettuce. All I could think of was this Iams commercial:

i am not a rabbit

And now for snow. It snowed in Cincinnati in late December, and everyone went nuts.

someecards snow

This made the rounds on Facebook, as did many statuses and Instagrams of snow. But when I saw the way the snow had landed on the trees, I couldn’t resist taking my own photos, and now I’m posting them a month later.

snow tree

snow bush

snow branch

snow beetle

I believe this particular storm happened on my birthday, which was actually exactly a month ago. The bad part about pretty snow is when it’s covering your car and you need to go shopping to buy warm liners for your rain boots. The good part about snow on your birthday is that you can say, “It’s my birthday, I don’t want to clear off my car,” and your mom will do it for you. That only works once a year though.

My parents have a bird feeder in the backyard that always attracts a cardinal couple. I was trying to photograph them for months, when I finally captured the male. He flew away before I could get a better shot.

snow cardinal

When I left Cincinnati to come back to London it was relatively warm — we went down to Louisville to see my brother and I didn’t even need a jacket! (Louisville post coming soon) — but the day after I arrived in London it snowed. I wasn’t brave enough to take my new camera out in it, so I took these shots from the window.

London sled

That’s right, I have a new camera now! The magical DSLR I’ve always wanted! Except now I’m a bit intimidated by it. I want to take it off auto mode, but I forgot most of what I learned in my photojournalism class. I’m also afraid I’m going to break it, especially since I passed on the extended warranty. I did manage to take this shallow depth of field photo of my balcony, which you’ll remember is my favorite kind of photo:

London snow

Hopefully London will have a nice day within the next two months and I can go practice taking photos in the park, because I’m getting awfully tired of shooting the same scene out the window.


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