How Not to Make Your Own Larabars

15 Feb

Hello friends, and welcome to another edition of Renee’s Baking Expectations vs. Reality. This recipe for homemade Larabars only has two ingredients and does not involve the use of my wonky oven. What could possibly go wrong?



rabbit food larabar


dates cashews

The recipe, which I got from the wonderful healthy eating blog Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth, could not have been easier.

Step 1: Pulse 1/2 cup cashews in a food processor. I was off to a good start.

Step 2: Add 1 cup pitted dates.

This is where I ran into trouble. Do you know what happens when you add pitted dried dates to a tiny food processor you bought on sale at Robert Dyas? I’ll tell you: nothing. They just whirled around and around, not breaking up at all. I tried adding a little water, but it just made for wet, sticky dates whirling around. Eventually I gave up and attempted to hack up the dates with a knife. As you can see from my photo, that didn’t play out too well either. So instead of beautiful Cashew Cookie Larabars, I ended up with a bowl of dates and chopped cashews. At least my little food processor handled the cashews well. In the future I may just follow my own recipe:

Step 1. Pop two cashews and one dried pitted date into mouth.

Step 2. Chew.

Instant Cashew Cookie Larabar bite! And there aren’t any dishes or appliances to wash. I know what I really need is a high powered food processor or Vitamix blender, but as long as those cost £400, I’ll stick with my pop and chew method.


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